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Introducing Alternative Asset Manager Cubri Asset Management Sarl
and its commodities specialty lending fund Cubri Finance SCSP.

LEGAL FORM: Cubri Finance Fund SCSP
ISIN: LU2513981279
PORTFOLIO MANAGER: Cubri Asset Management Sàrl
CSSF AIFM Registry: A00003341

Our Global Strategy

Specifically designed for investors looking to diversify away from traditional asset classes, Cubri Finance Fund is  managed by Cubri Asset Management SARL, a boutique Alternative Investment Fund Manager registered with the CSSF (A00003341) , ESMA regulated and created with the aim of achieving sustainable returns on shareholder capital against a global portfolio of diversified structured trade finance transactions with tenors of up to 90 days. Luxembourg is the registered office of both the Asset Manager and the Funds, providing the ideal global hub for financial institutions, thanks to its stability, security, solvency and innovative mindset.

key features


Team with more than 50 years of combined experienced in the area of trade finance.


Via diligent compliance & selection for investors who seek to increase their investment over the long term.


Agility and adequacy of our strategy to obtain higher profitability regardless of market fluctuations.


Supervised by strict Luxembourg legislation, CSSF registered (A00003341), ESMA regulated and audited by Deloitte.


With the possibility at any time of speaking directly with the Portfolio Manager.


Combining solid know-how with traditional structures and latest blockchain technologies.

Partners and memberships

The Fund is an alternative investment fund within the meaning of the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers, as amended (the “AIFM Law”). The General Partner is registered with the CSSF (A00003341) and ESMA regulated as the de minimis alternative investment fund manager of the Partnership in accordance with the exemption provided in article 3.2 of the AIFM Law.

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75, Parc d’activties, L-8308 Capellen,
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Place de la Fusterie 12, 
1204 Geneva. Switzerland
+41 225 606 104

Cubri Asset Management does not actively take investment decisions based on sustainability risks and does not actively consider the adverse impacts of sustainability risks on the returns of the Limited Partners for the Partnership. Yet, the General Partner does not invest or invests limitedly in certain sectors or companies whose products, services or activities could be considered contrary to the current trends regarding the promotion of environmental, social and governance criteria. The strategy of the Partnership to invest in commodity trade finance and facility payments is one of the contributing factors as to why sustainability risks can currently not be actively considered. The General Partner intends to consider the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors once the regulatory technical standards which set out the content, methodology and information required in the principal adverse sustainability impact statement, come into effect.

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